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Control ink color printing quality

  concentration is called ink ink color, it is reflecting inks dispersion and pigments content, commonly known as the size of the ink. That is, the higher the pigment dispersion, higher concentrations of ink ink pigment content in the higher and greater concentrations of it. Apart from decided to ink pigment concentration, and binders, fillers and additives, such as, to a certain extent also affect ink density. Production shows that the ink density is one of the most important affecting print quality, therefore, correctly understanding and awareness, the ink levels on a number of factors, for production process control of the printing process, improving print quality is of great significance. Hydrophobic colloidal
ink, it is made of pigments, binders, fillers and additives and other ingredients form a homogeneous mixture. Paint coloring matter, play the role of colour in the ink. It is not soluble in water and insoluble binders, but can be evenly coloured substances in binders, as powder-like solid. Ink pigment content size, determines the durability of ink and concentration, also affects the ink drying performance. Pigments as the color materials, ink quality, suitable to play a decisive role. So, for printing, only the fine grain and oil absorption value of pigments, the proportion of small, little coverage, stain less, stability, color, colorful, and with resistance to heat, light and acid, good performance, printing inks in order to obtain a better quality result. According to properties and chemical composition of pigments, pigment inorganic and organic pigments divided into two. Inorganic pigments include a variety of metal oxides, chromium salts, carbonates, sulfates and sulfides, such as aluminum, copper, carbon black, is the realm of inorganic pigments such as zinc white and titanium white. Inorganic pigments with good light resistance, heat resistance, and large, strong coverage, but does not accommodate multiple color, high-speed printing requirements. Commonly used organic pigments include chromogen and Lake pigments. Chromogenic pigments are: phthalocyanine pigments, nitroso pigments, reduction of azo pigments and pigment and so on. Lake pigments are: alkaline Dian, azo dye colour Lake pigments and acid dyes Lake. The vast majority of organic pigment has better coloring, particle size, light weight, soft, bright and high concentrations, is the main raw material of colored ink.
binders and ink in the main part of it is to make ink flow of raw materials, with a certain viscosity, it serves to mix powdered pigments and other solids connected and adhesion, adhesion of paint transfer on the prints and make prints with a certain degree of gloss. Its colour, tension, viscosity, water resistant, dry and so on is an important factor affecting the performance of ink, its size, is also changing the ink flow and concentration of important conditions. Filler is a fine, white powder-like solid material, so uniformly and well dispersed in binders. Like potassium, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and aluminium hydroxide belongs to filler, they adjust the ink in the ink ink, consistency and concentration. Ink used pigment, and links material, and fill material respectively to must volume of ratio processing into oil ink Hou, often due to printing conditions of different, original ink of dilute heavy, and shades and dry sex, does not necessarily are can adapted various conditions, General to through used some additives for adjustment, as anti-stick agent, and to stick agent, and dry oil, and light pulp and light oil,, these additives joined ink yihou, also will change ink of concentration.
ink density, consistency, so ink density of size, determines the extent of ink color. When the concentration of ink when printing color is dark; instead, print color on light. Concentration of inks in the inks used to print the amount is relatively small, ink quality is better if concentrations of small amount of ink used in printing ink more ink is relatively light. Ink concentration when you print large charts, printing performance is particularly prominent. Visible ink levels directly affect the print quality of the product, so when printing thin wire or thin lines of products, usually to use concentration of ink to print and print layout products are suitable in the field with a slightly lower concentration of ink to print. Because the ink has a "thixotropic" side when printing high ambient temperature, the machine speed, heated ink thinning its concentration drops, which require a slightly higher concentration of ink to print, ink can better ensure product quality.
and vice versa, you can use slightly lower concentrations of ink to print.
small concentrations of ink used for printing color or color chart, by raising the layout you have ink in order to obtain the required printing color, but it's easy to make product happened the end of evil. Based on this information, ink used in printing products take the darker the color appropriate concentration also bigger, better print effect and is useful for printing of anti-sticking. In addition, printing a large area of the field, lines, or textured version, printing speed corresponding to adjust slowly to reduce the coefficient of friction and heat in the printing process to prevent temperature rises too fast, so that the ink can become diluted concentration caused by the increased mobility, printing ink light problems appear.
practice, analysis shows that the original ink is not available, its concentration is the same, but in the course of using, with the variation of solidity and liquidity and concentration change. Printing speed, temperature and amount of fountain solution size and other conditions change will affect ink density. If the layout of the printing process water is too large, it will make the ink density by diluting, the printing ink is light. Visible ink density is variable factors affecting quality ink products, therefore, correctly understanding and awareness, the ink levels on a number of conditions, appropriate measures are taken to printing, to ensure the quality of printing inks, has very important significance.


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