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Double-sided self-adhesive printing everything

  is widely used double-sided printed labels, in particular, cosmetics and health products label. Label on the back of a transparent bottle, see first layer through the transparent liquid, greatly enhances the Visual impact (such as Clairol petals label), and the second layer pattern in the back can see, main brief that identifies the product and contact methods. Production of such labels is complex and high cost of traditional crafts, the process is first conducted in transparent adhesive material on the surface of the printing of the first layer, then with opaque white material (usually the PP) composite, and then printed the second layer of white material, this produces positive and negative patterns in the end result.
material-labels, one step
If Canada ETI company stickers printing, coating production line Labeline for the production of silicon, glue integration, you only need a white film material (PP) for double-sided printing on, and then apply silicone glue line sticker, the cost savings as high as 65%.
in Labeline can be a complete material on printing, paper coated silicon, glue, composite, die-cutting until the finished labels, achieve a molding from raw material to finished product label, this technology significantly reduces the production costs of self-adhesive labels, in high-end products such as cosmetics, beverages and personal care products on the label have excellent prospects.
Labeline self-adhesive label production line is coated ETI Cohesio and perfect combination of printing Metronome, now the world has nearly 60 ETI label production line put into operation. Cohesio coating and laminating lines enable the production of the entire label to independently in a printing factory, changed the traditional production of self-adhesive label industry technology. Sticker printing just to buy some basic materials, such as paper/film/silicone/glue, surface material (pre-printed or white material) on the silicon, glue and substrate compound, wired into self-adhesive products. Since 2000, after the first device developed over more than 30 companies have bought and put into use. Metronome flexo printing machine is mainly used for high precision printing upscale linerless films.
a Zhang label of birth--first printing Hou composite
let we see Labeline how for not dry rubber label production provides solution programme, a Taiwan 10 color printing coated cloth composite machine will demonstrates how printing pros and cons double label: in two a open Shang respectively put has BOPP surface material and PET end of material, BOPP material first for dust, then two species material after electric Halo Hou into into material institutions, BOPP positive 4 color printing Hou through flip frame flip Hou for opposite printing. ETI Rotator specially designed parts are porous film always in a State of suspension during the paper process, avoid scratches in the flip process film, especially suitable for printing films. Glue on the silicon substrate, and then combined with printed material, and finally the die-cutting and rewinding, also has a device on the device side, can be finished.
in addition to the standard UV printing units, print shops can also choose to add cold or hot foil stamping equipment, screen printing, gravure printing color group or even offset printing color group, all drawer units can be used with flexo printing unit swap. This display device is 6 units with UV (ultraviolet) to dry, and the rest of the water-based ink is used IR (infrared) to dry. Because printed material in the Labeline compound is a bottomless paper prior to the adhesive film, so the tension control is very important, its tension control can be applied from the 12 micron film to paper jam 300 grams. BSTPromark both sets of equipment systems, regardless of the speed change device, can still maintain accurate registration, saving materials and preparation time.
ETI device can easily label printing, since ETI process is the first printing of self-adhesive, compared to the traditional open technology, can realize the full color printing (traditional opening technology is in a plastic surface printing, printing graphics and text area cannot be more than 30%, or the viscosity of the adhesive side will be destroyed.
in addition, the adhesive side printing quality not very elegant), and the process is greatly simplified. ETI specific processes for printing in the linerless films, then coated with rubber stickers, printed pattern are in glue and surface material between the effective protection of printing without polishing or coating, compared its product structure and production cost and shown in Figure 1 are similar, only white PP film with a transparent PP film.

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