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Introduce several digital printing inks

dry digital printing inks by formation of pigment particles on charged particles charged agents and melt resin formed by mixing dry powder ink. Was exposing part of the adsorption to form negatively charged toner toner image on the image to the paper by heating molten resin in toner, fixing on the substrate to form an image.
liquid liquid digital printing ink digital printing ink for ink-jet printing, ink type and ink jet head structure. Ink-Jet head can be hot-and piezoelectricity of two categories, piezoelectric with high precision and low accuracy 2 types. EPS0N nozzle high precision nozzle Xaar, Spectra nozzle low precision nozzle. High precision nozzles with water based dye or pigment ink. To use solvent-borne pigment inks, the majority of the latter.
is different from traditional ink. E-liquid ink curing is not dependent on the media ink drying time. But encounters high temperatures (130. C) immediate curing blanket on the blanket. Blanket of ink graphic then 100% to transfer to the paper or other media. On the other hand. The basic e-liquid ink is new resin material, its microscopic shape of a polygon. Unlike traditional ink spread under pressure, but works closely with the paper or other media contacts immediately after curing printing images clear dot edge is slightly blur and diffusion.
e-liquid ink into ink and solvent (solvent based) inks. Ink solvent, coloring agents, surfactants, pH regulator, rinse and add the necessary components for hot press for ink-jet printing systems, can only use water based inks. On-demand ink-jet printing ink is usually a water-based ink. Oily (solvent based) ink stains solvent, composed of dispersed 3,J~n other regulator.
3. solid state digital printing ink
solid state digital printing ink used in ink-jet printing of their normally solid printing ink heated, the viscosity decreases on the back and onto the substrate surface. Solid state digital printing inks consisting of colorants, Dutch charge agent, viscosity-control agents, and carriers such as composition.
e-ink is used for printing on special film material coating as a special display of the ink, by microencapsulation and into the nanometer in diameter. Micro-capsule containing many positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles and distribution in micro-capsules in a clear liquid. When the microcapsules filled with positive,. Positively charged particles gather on one side, toward the Viewer. But as a white, filled with negative time. Negatively charged black particles gather on the viewer side. Display black. The position of the particle and the colors displayed by the electric field control, controlling electric field generated by the high resolution display array backplane.
call UV/EB/> 5.UV/EB ink ink is the use of UV curing or electron beam energy-curable inks, radiation curing of UV/EB ink ink in ink-jet printing is widely used. UV inks in digital printing is characterized by stability, only under UV light curing advantage can effectively avoid print head clogged. Extend the life of the actual print head. However, it is not enough. Printed using UV/EB ink will result in printing speed. Ink supply chain, for example, limits of speed and plenty of ink through the print head. At present, Xennla new XenJet Vivide series CMYK pigments of uV curable inks Xaar has adopted the company's certification. Omnidot760 and this new ink print head.
now, worldwide study of digital printing ink is in the ascendant, digital printing press manufacturers such as Canon, HewIett Packard, EPSON Scitex Xeikon and HP Indigo, according to its own research and development of a digital press features adapt to the characteristics of the system of digital printing inks. In addition, other famous ink manufacturer in the world. Such as DIC, Sun chemical, Fu Linte, Sakata Inx Corp and other companies are beginning to invest in digital printing inks for development and production. Believe that with the widespread use of digital press and digital printing ink research and development will be more in-depth. 5A new digital printing inks will appear.


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