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Color printing problem

  1. material and stress:
a: breathable particles: normal particle production pressure fluctuations should be + 1.5. Such as greater volatility, should be taken into account: the issue of whether material, mechanical failure, such as pump cardan abnormal, motor pump transmission chain, if there are any exceptions; automatically adjusts the pressure gauge if the exception occurs, and so on.
b: offline work using film: If white film thickness, white film production of larger changes in the tension can also cause offline color problem. so speed is not allowed in the production process, if the thickness is very serious. issues to be considered material, or to adjust the die head.
2. roll problems caused by chromatic movement:
a: use the same registration rolls, due to their corresponding registration roller circumference (width and pattern), so, if you are not using the same registration rolls easy registration of the colour, even serious. It should first determine the version prior to the version number, at the time of unloading plate should be scrubbed out the roll number. So that the next time you use can determine the version number. Do simple accordingly.
b: roll before and after installed backwards, first edition and second edition of the week has its own corresponding increment, if you reversed the chromatic runs, it should first determine the direction pattern prior to the version and the roll number, personally.
c: increase the roll itself is not enough or too much, contact retreat.

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