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Good quality packaging printing varnish

  no matter what techniques and materials for glazing, require excellent light quality in order to achieve the intended purpose. From the material point of view, on the main factors affecting the quality of the light printing paper, printing ink and coating has a good glazing and putting it in between.
(1) coating. Coating are also major factors affecting the quality of the light, coating not only have a colorless, odorless, nontoxic, luster is strong, chemical resistant, fast drying properties, and good transparency, difficult to change, has good soft flexibility, heat resistance, leveling, and bonding. Coating on the quality of the light effect its viscosity is the biggest, followed by surface tension and volatile solvents. Paint solvents due to volatilization, osmosis, diffusion and so on will be less and less, viscosity gradually increased. Leveling power of paint the surface tension, surface tension to make the shape of the surface of the coating into the smallest traces are in the process of leveling the surface into a smooth surface. Therefore, the convection of surface tension of paint flat affect.
(2) printing inks. Wetting of the ink layer of ink particles thus affecting the coating's leveling and brightness. If the ink particles large printing surface rough and hard to wet, easy leveling.
(3) printing paper. Printed paper is the biggest influence on the optical coating smoothness and surface absorption, they affect the leveling of coating, impact coatings in printing high smoothness of the film formed on the surface. The smoothness of the paper, paper good surface contact with the paint layer, paint easy leveling, forming high smoothness of the surface. Absorption is strong on the surface of the paper, coating flow normally, paper fibers absorb paint quickly, makes paints liquidity, it is difficult to leveling. Instead, the paper surface absorption of the weak, slow paper fibers absorbing coatings, leveling coatings not easy conjunctival solidified, it is difficult to form high smoothness of the film. Therefore, different paint that matches the paper you should choose, adjust the optical coating on leveling, drying process conditions such as temperature.
many methods of glazing, coating can be divided into polymer based coatings on, solvent based coatings on, heat-curable coatings, UV-curing type coatings and so on. Classified according to the optical coating spray coating, printing, coating and special-purpose machine coating. If devices can be divided into glazing machine polishing machine and printing. In addition, as Polish products can be divided into the entire surface glazing, local art of glazing, matting, glazing.

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