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Ink-jet printing ink-jet head

  during the drupa exhibition, Randa Nano digital printing make up, has attracted the attention of visitors and the media. Also became the show's most beautiful landscape. This exhibition, digital printing has become the most talked about topics. Le du launched its own Canon, Epson, Fuji Xerox digital printing Heidelberg and KBA through the launch of the digital press. Digital printing wave has already with the arrival of drupa, visit the global printing industry.
principles of digital laser printing can be mainly divided into digital printing and inkjet printing in two major areas. Original laser digital printing methods digital printing is there earlier, Xerox iGen4 sheet-fed digital printing press, Kodak NexPressS3600 sheetfed digital printing presses, digital presses are static digital HPIndigoW7200 Web printing presses. This way of digital printing, under the influence of itself, speed is not able to meet the needs of commercial printing, printer, and the speed is not very fast digital printing applications. Inkjet printing is another way of digital printing and printing methods by today's most promising. 2011 inkjet output the entire printing industry value of 4.2% per cent of the total yield is 0.5%. Along with the traditional print market share gradually decline in production, ink-jet printed products the share rose strongly, in printing equipment supplier and this is what lures of inkjet printing. By 2017, ink-jet prints share may be less than 1%, but their output will be significantly increased and is expected to reach about 7% of the entire printing market.
ink-jet printing can be divided into two types: bubbles and piezoelectric. Bubble-jet technology that is set on the inkjet head wall heating panels, selected by pulse heating heater parts, spray droplets. When heated to a certain temperature, droplets become a bubble and burst heating Chamber through the nozzle, and fall to the substrate surface. Falling into the number of droplets on the surface of the substrate can be controlled by changing the temperature of heating devices, so as to achieve the purpose of the print image. Pressure electric type inkjet technology in nozzle near placed many small of pressure electric ceramic, these pressure electric ceramic has stretch or contraction of characteristics, in ends voltage role Xia will occurred deformation (with image information of different, ends voltage will occurred changes, pressure electric ceramic of deformation degree also will different), immediately produced telescopic makes nozzle in the of ink spray out, fell to printer real surface. Ink-Jet head made up of many tiny passages, ink is the number of channels number of nozzles in inkjet heads. Under normal circumstances, nozzles, the more complete the ink-jet process less time consuming, faster print speed, print high image quality. Bubbles also called continuous inkjet, piezoelectric and on-demand printing.
inkjet printing is called can replace offset printing methods in the future, but its development was restricted by the ink-jet head and ink. Main part of most inkjet printer inkjet head, is the core part of the press. Ink-Jet head, directly determines the performance of ink-jet printers.

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