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Printing companies growing 10 elements

  while running a printing business as long as the ink can be printed on paper, but if you want to make money by this enterprise, it is necessary to have certain knowledge and business skills.
a lot of print's owners know little about their own business, they do not even know the monthly cost, which often determines the success or failure of a business.
, to make the printing enterprise running smoothly, you first to be informed of important business information. Each month, you should take some time to get to know the business situation, the only way you can make the right decision and make the enterprise profitable.
, monitoring cash you need to pay close attention to the cash flows of the enterprise, it also reflects an important index of business conditions. For cash flow, you'd better check once a day, while analysis of the long-term trend.
2, customers have to know their customers. Keep asking their needs and ideas for products or services. You can use technology to keep in touch with customers, and learn about their latest news.
3, overhead
Why do so many people do not know what cost per month? if they simply put the annual average cost per month? this is wrong, you should understand the business monthly break-even point, and help corporate profits.

4, important relationships today, a good relationship is the Foundation of business success, you need a Bank Manager to serve you at any time, while also keeping in close contact with them.
in addition, good relationships with suppliers can also help you to be successful. Vendors will usually be asked to extend the payment period, or offering discounts and warranties, so communication is key. If done properly, your business can get more money and support.
5, gross margin
you need to know about their pricing models and continue to pursue the maximization of profit. Gross margins and profits is the monthly reporting of key financial indicators. Only know their pricing model, you can achieve more improvements.
inventory inventory control is an important part of enterprise printing, you need every month to verify it in order to make accurate financial reporting. This is not to say that you each month to an inventory of the warehouse, but at least to make a plan. You usually can be sampling.
7, the financial statements
you have at the end of the month each month prepare a precise financial reports. Most software can make this kind of reporting, whether large or small enterprises are based on monthly financial information timely responses to market changes.
8, debtor and creditor
you have to monitor their debtors a month, this is a long-term task, you need to have enough willpower. In addition, you also need to assess their level of debt each month, and through the use of technology and management to make profits.
9, staff
quality staff is the key to business success.
should collect all good suggestions made by employees, and employee performance. If you think which employee performance is good, it should give him valuable opportunities for advancement.
10, target
ideal and reality is the only difference between plans. Printing enterprises should be developed for their short-term and long-term goals. At least, you should check whether their performance every month initial target was reached. In addition, most software can help you finish the job.

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