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Scanned images of the printed approach

  when we do design, often encounter print scan copy, but swept into the computer often scan or monitor color and scan because of the different colors of the original, resize will find print or print the color is not the same. Some will adjust by the color spectrum to, but more trouble. I experience through practice, summed up one of the more effective methods, introduced here. Method is by using a magnifying glass to observe the dot color value can be estimated roughly.
now for example detailed description: scan Hou of computer draft, with PHOTOSHOP in the of straw tool click figure in the a a location, view color value, then in original of same location with magnifying glass (about Zoom 10-15 times) carefully observation dot, will has three species results: If adjacent of two a dot is separate of, on can temporarily determine color value below 50%; just even in with, is 50%, two a dot dissolved in with, on determine for is greater than 50%.
second step, if separate, can estimated separate of distance, if two a dot Zhijian of distance in a dot of diameter within, estimated color value in 25%~50% Zhijian, is greater than a a dot of diameter, in 0%~25%; if dissolved in with, two a dot handover part of distance is less than dot of RADIUS, so color value in 50%~75%, if handover part is greater than RADIUS, can estimated color value in 75%~100%.
the third step is the basis of the above on finer division of the color value.
in four colours are respectively, and concluded that the sections on color and can be to compare if the color difference can not be adjusted, were too different, in the curves adjustment. In addition in the curves adjustment, to watch your levels in the image, where the deepest black to above 75%, the entire image is breathable to just go. Of course, this is not the only criteria, mainly practical experience of the most important. In addition, to see more local color, because the scanner scans in the middle is usually best, around the effects worse.
but we should pay attention to is that the spot color is invisible to the network, it's usually by chromatography, familiar words can quickly assess a general color, it must have some experience.
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