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"Transfer" printing ink what

  low-migration inks standard is as regulatory requirements and European Association of printing ink manufacturers presented "good practices". This shows that targeted mainly to avoid the risk of contaminants and residues, and add security to the user. The following can be used as conditions for ensuring regulatory requirements.
raw materials before using the strict inspection before they can allow you to use. All the ingredients can migrate through the EU to come into contact with foodstuffs requires evaluation of ink, it is harmless. Also to consider contaminant and raw materials and primary products. Possible migration includes the harmless materials is reduced to a minimum.
through the use of standardized supplier and their inspection and measurement to ensure the purity of the raw material.
installation check system software support during the manufacturing process. Make sure only to use licensed materials undergo strict in-house testing methods. Single room
in the complete isolation of the factory producing low migration ink products.
developed methods of analysis in the final check check all processing of authenticity and pollutants.
through the whole production chain to ensure traceability of batches.
good practice for all staff regularly (GMP) training.
all around the low migration inks product development, formulation and manufacture of measures can make the ink will not migrate. These measures will guarantee in a written guarantee. MAG signs at each low migration ink marked on the container.

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